Victoria education centre

Saturday Classes

Saturday Classes

The enrichment program on Saturday consists of these topics:

  • 9:30 – 11:45am
  • from Pre-school to Elementary
  • low student-teacher ratio
  • small class size approach enables us to focus on quality teaching
  • emphasis on basic grammar, listening, conversation, reading and writing skills
  • Pin Yin and traditional/simplified Chinese characters are available

For children at Kindergarten level, this program aims at consolidating a student’s knowledge of numeracy and basic mathematical concepts. Moreover, we provide support via tutors on an individual basis.

For children at Elementary level, we follow the Toronto School Board Curriculum to help them in mathematics enhancement. We also help develop students’ analytical thinking, and inquiry and problem-solving abilities, which will help them to succeed in mathematics.

The children who attend our art classes come from very different artisitic backgrounds. We happily welcome beginners, and our drawing class is taught by an instructor in a friendly manner that enables all students to feel comfortable about learning real art skills.

The children will begin with simple expessive lines and shapes, with focus on fundamental drawing and painting skills. When students move on to a more advanced level, they will learn about shading, textures, light shadows and perspective. Not only will they experience a variety of drawing materials like graphite, charcoal and pastels while learning, but they will be given the opportunity to explore the unique quality of painting media like acrylics and oil pastels. This will be introduced to them when they learn about the color wheel, basic washes, and mixing colors.

Although the curriculum is structured around these goals, each student is given a variety of projects which help to keep the classes fun and very diverse.

“Abacus comes from the Greek word “Abax” meaning “Calculation Board” or “Calculating Table”. This is a great program to help your child build basic math skills, concentration, enhanced observation skills, and cultivates self-confidence. Furthermore, it helps the student to easily understand number concepts and is a comprehensive system for high achievement in mathematics, while simultaneously encouraging confidence in calculations.

Our dance class focuses on teaching folk dance and basic ballet. The children will be taught by a qualified dance instructor, and they will also learn Chinese tribal dances such as: Han, Tibetan, Uyghur, Xian, Mongol, Dai, etc.. In addition, they will be taught the world’s specialty dances like: Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabian and South American. Lastly, our students will learn to develop self-confidence and a physical awareness while gaining strength through the discipline of movement.

The intention of our program is to create a fun, safe, educative and friendly environment in which our students are able to meet and exceed their personal goals. In relation to this, students will learn a self-defence system through paired training and controlled application. Also, our qualified instructor will train students’ practicality, efficiency and body movements, whereas students will learn concentration, conceptual understanding and discipline.

Our piano lessons are designed for children to learn the basics of the instrument in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

Research shows that early childhood is the window of opportunity to increase the life-long musical aptitude of a child. Furthermore, learning to play the piano and the study of music in general, engages both hemispheres of the brain.

Children will be taught the fundamentals of the piano, basic music theory, and be given one-on-one attention from our experienced & qualified instructor. Moreover, they will be prepared for the RCM exams if needed.

For more information, please visit us or contact us at 437-970-7883 or