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Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

Victoria Education Centre is proud to present a blended philosophy of the Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years and the Montessori methods, which includes an updated touch of the Ontario School Board expectations. Our children are being provided with a versatile opportunity to learn and explore with hands-on experiences. With our low teacher to student ratio (1:13) we are able to provide individual planning and attention with a very enriched program.

Our Kindergarten program is designed with the intention of readily merging children into any educational system. Also, we strive to promote a secure stimulating environment that supports the child’s self-confidence, and facilitates building a positive self-image. In addition, our biggest goal is to establish a very strong foundation for the child’s social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development.

Social and Emotional Goals

  • Enriched fun-filled circles where children actively participate.
  • Listening and responding to others in a variety of contexts (e.g. paying attention to the speaker, taking turns speaking in a group).
  • Responding appropriately to a variety of materials read aloud, and listening for enjoyment and information.
  • Demonstrating independence and a willingness to take responsibility in learning.
  • Describing personal experiences and retelling familiar stories, using appropriate vocabulary and knowing basic story structure.
  • Demonstrating self-control by following classroom rules and routines.
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude towards themselves and others.

Language Goals

  • Identifying most of the phonetic sounds of the alphabet.
  • Blending the phonetic sounds together to build words.
  • Recognizing that words often consist of a beginning, middle, and final sounds.
  • Utilizing language patterns and sound patterns to identify words, and to predict the next word.
  • The reading program will be introduced when the child is ready.
  • Constructing a sentence using the phonetic farm.
  • Writing short words, simple sentences, and short stories.
  • Learning about rhyming words, opposites, singular and plural, and masculine/feminine.
  • Writing upper/lower case and cursive

Math Goals

  • Sorting and classifying objects into sets according to specific characteristics (e.g. colour size, shape, etc.).
  • Estimating and counting to identify sets with more, fewer, or the same number of objects.
  • Learning about the decimal system.
  • Counting orally from 1-30 and above.
  • Being able to write and sequence numbers 1-20 and above.
  • Counting by tens and fives.
  • Learning about odd and even numbers.
  • Using geometric shapes (cone, cylinder, sphere, etc.,)
  • Learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Knowing about units, tens, hundreds, and thousands.
  • Learning about time and money concepts.
  • Introduction to fractions

Cultural Subjects

  • Being introduced to flags of the provinces and different countries.
  • Learning about land formations.
  • Naming different types of leaves.
  • Describing some differences between living, non-living, and once living things.
  • Demonstrating an awareness of the need for recycling.
  • Describing and comparing solid, liquid, and gas.
  • Classifying vertebrate and invertebrate.
  • Being knowledgeable about parts of a tree, leaf, and flower using the scientific nomenclature cards.
  • Learning about different life cycles.

Health and Physical Education

  • Demonstrating balance, ease, and flexibility in movements (e.g. in walking, running, jumping, and hopping).
  • Using spatial awareness when riding toys and climbing stairs.
  • Using different types of equipment and materials with ease (e.g. slides, riding toys, balls, paintbrushes, and scissors).
  • Practicing appropriate personal hygiene (e.g. using proper hand washing procedure).
  • Identifying nutritious/healthy foods.
  • Being able to follow the “play safe” and all “safety” rules.
  • Participating willingly in creative movement, dance, and other daily physical activities.
  • Knowing appropriate clothing for the weather (e.g. raincoat, boots, and winter jacket).

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