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Saturday Chinese School Overview

Saturday Chinese School Overview

Our Chinese School was established since the inception of Victoria Education Centre, and maintains an emphasis of teaching the Chinese Language to the next generation. Our goal is to foster the love of learning Chinese culture and language. This unique Chinese Program is open to children of different diverse cultural backgrounds and starts from 3 years old. Children of all races have the opportunity to be exposed to the Chinese heritage at an early age. Moreover, this program is specially designed for children that reside in Canada.

The low student to teacher ratio and small class size approach enables us to focus on quality teaching, thus building a strong foundation in learning Chinese. In addition, this environment allows our students to learn Chinese language, culture and heritage in a fun, easy and effective way.

Our students in the Chinese program are encouraged to participate in individual and groups verse speaking and choral speaking competitions. This process allows the child to be trained to master pronunciation, build confidence and team spirit. This type of competition also aids in deepening the knowledge of Chinese culture and heritage.

For more information, please visit us or contact us at (905) 770-7888 or

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